20 April
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I am a college student majoring in music with emphasis in ethnomusicology, accounting, and neuroscience. I play too many instruments to count and plan on acquiring and learning how to play even more. I have an affinity for Norwegian (and Scandinavian in general) arts and culture and am learning the language. Plans for the future are to purchase a Hardingfele and visit Norway.
Knowledge is the sole reason I am here today. Once I lose the drive to learn, there is no point in living anymore. When I say "knowledge", I mean empirical, spiritual, and otherwise.
I am a solitary person; although, not by choice. I think the majority of people on LiveJournal can relate to this to a degree since all of our thoughts are punched out on a computer keyboard in the privacy of our own homes (or in a public computer lab); some thoughts deeper than others, but still thoughts.
I like to question life and have deep, insightful, and intelligent conversations on a myriad of topics. I tend to be more at ease in conversation with people much older than me and sometimes feel I am on a different plane than my peers. I am much older than my earthly years. Age is measured by experience, not by mere sunrises and sunsets.
I am an INTP personality type and my astrological sign is Taurus. I fit the description of Taurus to a degree, but have the instability and rashness of Aries at times due to being born right on the cusp.